Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thing 23

1. My favorite exercises were finding del.icio.us, web 2.0 awards, wikis, and Flickr. I will utilize these more than any. They are user friendly and fun,too.
2. 23 Things have opened up new worlds of technology that I didn't previously know existed. In order to keep abreast of all that's out there, I really appreciate the way the Library 2Play was set up so I could take advantage of all the new sites.
3. I found that some of things were more challenging than others. The podcast and video were difficult but once it was done, I was so proud of it. I really like putting pictures on my blog. I think it adds more interest.
4. The only thing I might recommend would be better instructions. I found that in some cases, there were steps missing that I think people take for granted that I know. I really need to be walked through every step or I get confused.
5. I would participate again. I like being able to work from home and I was able to complete things on this activity that I thought I couldn't do.It was time consuming, but I surely am glad to get the 18 hours under my belt.I estimate I doubled the 18 hours or more spent on this activity.
6. 23 Things will take you places you never dreamed possible.
7. I have commented on others' blogs and will continue to do so this summer. I am also anxious to see all the completed blogs. There are people out there with a lot of new technology skills.


bookeatersclub said...
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bookeatersclub said...

Congratulations on finishing your 23 "Things!" You have learned many new things and shared great ideas. Have fun as you use these resources with your students.

VWB said...

I think you have lots of food for thought for the upcoming school year...and hope you will keep us updated thru your blog!