Monday, July 7, 2008

Thing 15

One of the perspectives I read by Rick Anderson, "Away from the Iceberg" says it very simply. He lists 3 ideas. #1. "Just in Case" collection; we can no longer expect a library to have everything on hand . Now being able to have access to everything, i.e. digital collections of journals, books, blogs, podcasts, etc. is crucial. In my Career Investigation classes, I rely heavily on the internet for career research. I have noticed that if I put a textbook in front of a student, they are automatically turned off, but if I put the student in front of a computer with the same information , the student will read the information. I think in this age of technology , students are more comfortable in front of a computer, as they have been brought up in the age of technology.

#2. Reliance of user education. Too much training is involved when one person( a librarian) has hundreds of trainees. "People are looking for "one button commands such as Flickr's "Blog This", and easy to use programs like Google Page Creator that offer patrons promising models for this kind of user -centric services." As a teacher, I have enough trouble keeping ahead of all the new technology so the more user- friendly it is, the better for all.

#3. "The Come to Us" model of library service was and is good for those privileged enough to have access to a good library. "Ways must be found bring library services to patrons rather than insisting they come to the library. Placing library services and contents in the user 's preferred environment , i.e. the web, is more conducive to actual use of information. Library services need to shift direction and acknowledge and adapt to radical fundamental change."

I agree because many of my students have no transportation . They only access a library at school. I know that this year, our library removed books that were perhaps 30 years old. Classics are always necessary, but there were many books that were totally outdated and needed to be removed. The internet has new information daily so it is up to date.

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