Monday, July 7, 2008

Thing 14

After viewing the technorati video and its info. I found that tags are like bookmarks but more for organization and also for sharing with others on the internet. Tag clouds show how much interest there is. The bigger the cloud, the more the interest. Blog directories don't necessarily tell you how popular the blog is. You personally might find it interesting, but to the majority of blog readers out there, it might not be. Under popular blogs, there were items pertaining to politics, weather, etc., not some things I might necessarily care about since I have my own lists.I typed in School Library Learning 2.0 and found 246 sites. I think technorati could help me find interesting blogs and tags would relate to my specific interests. In school, it would benefit me by my not having to search thousands of sites, I could just look for tags and it would be easier to find things.

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