Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thing 19

The Web 2.0 awards are awesome! I just keep finding all these fantastic things on the internet that I never knew existed. I could use so many of the sites listed. I chose . This site has so many special tools. There were at least 76 cooking videos( I'm so excited) . Within the site they tell how to "Cook it", "Film it", and "Share it", by using Windows movie maker. I had been planning on filming my students cooking a particular recipe sort of as a "Next Top Chef" type competition. I have also planned to film myself doing a cooking demonstration. So this site will help me complete this activity. This is a web community for video recipe sharing. It has groups, tags, and I can invite friends to view this site. There is a place for my videos, favorites, play lists, and groups. I also like to show cooking videos through my computer projector as opening sets for my cooking classes. Libraries could use this site for training purposes.


Anonymous said...

thanks for introducing me to this site. its fantastic. i highly recmd as well

bookeatersclub said...

So, you found a site with videos that will work with projects you plan in your classroom? That's what this 23 "Things" is all about...Good for you!