Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thing 16

After viewing the Commoncraft video, I understood more about wikis. I like the idea that a wiki site could be used instead of email for better coordination, especially with student projects. Not all students have email so this would be a useful tool to use at school during class. With my Career Investigaton classes, we research careers, salaries, education, etc. so I can see that a wiki would be useful if a student couldn't find his/her information. He could post on our wiki and another student could share the information he found. This could be used for class or individual student discussions , planning, sharing ideas and research projects. The teacher could post questions on the wiki before class and just have the students go to the wiki and begin at his or own speed. I will definitely utilize wikis this next school year. I also posted on sandbox with a few comments.


VWB said...

sounds like a great plan for a wiki...hope you will let us know how it goes

bookeatersclub said...

Simple use of a wiki to get started. Just think how it will grow with new ideas once your students have gotten involved!