Friday, July 4, 2008

Thing 12

I commented on 5 blogs: 1.Blogging- Davis Style 2. Day dream in technicolor 3. Alurophile 4. Belle of Books and 5. BJ's Bubble ( at least I think I did! I am not sure everything I do on this blog gets done correctly but I am working on it).One important point came from "How to comment like a queen or king". It's important to make meaningful comments or it's a waste of time to read it. A second important point is from "Blogging 101", using your real name or an alias. I feel sort of uncomfortable using my real name at this point because of internet safety . I think for me , at this time, an alias will be better. On my Google blog search, I am interested in cooking because of what I teach so I now have blog alerts. One is The Hippie Gourmet and another is Cooking with Daisy. These are fun and informative. I am always searching for fun things for my students to keep them actively engaged.

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bookeatersclub said...

Good point about the alias, something we should teach student bloggers, don't you agree?