Friday, June 20, 2008

backwards blogging

Thing 1 . Read about blogs.
Thing 2. Listed the most difficult and easiest of 7 habits.
Thing 3. Set up blog and created avatar.
Thing 4.Registered blog.

I sort of did some of things before without numbering them. Sooo, I thought I would go back to clarify what I have done. I think I may be on the right track now. I've looked at some of the other blogs and they look great. I hope I can live up to expectations. I am babysitting 4 days a week this summer for my 5 month old grand-daughter in Barker Cypress area. This is about 30 minutes from my house so I am up and driving everyday by 6:30 and home again by 5:30. She is super cute but I forgot how time consuming a 5 month old is! I thought I would be working on my blog everyday while she slept. HaHa! Sleep? Anyhoo, I will get it done at night or on the week-ends.


cladybug said...

We don't really know who we are on here but I could so relate to this blog! I start grad school on the 30th, my granddaughters are vying for my time, my sons are moving all over the country and I am only on thing 12. I will be vacationing in spots for three weeks where I am not sure there will be a connection for the computer!
But -I too will get it done. Teacher,Mom, grandma, student, and 50.

bookeatersclub said...

Somehow it all gets done! I felt so overwhelmed when I started the Library2Play project that required that we work on it between Christmas and Spring Break. A lot of "Things" can be a bit challenging, but just take it a few steps at a time. I try to find time when my grandson sleeps when he is visiting. A 4 hour nap yesterday gave me lots of time to read blogs and make comments!

Keep learning, its all fun!